List of Kurmi Sub Castes of World

Here is the list of Kurmi Kshatriya sub castes of World.

Kurmi Caste Sub Caste Names

Kurmi caste is also commonly known as Kurmi Kshatriyas. Kurmis are known by different names in different parts of India for example – Kurmis in Gujarat are known as Patidars. Each state may have different sub castes and some sub castes of Kurmis may be present in more than one state. So, here is the name of various sub castes that belong to the Kurmi caste.

Awadhiya Kurmi – They are also known as Awadh wanshi Kurmi. They are mainly found some districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. The current chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar Ji belongs to the Awadhiya Sub caste of Kurmi. After globalization, they have migrated to different parts of India and World. Today Awadhiya Kurmis also live in Europe, North America etc.

Gangwar Kurmi – Gangwar Kurmis are a sub caste of Kurmi which is mainly found in Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Sachan Kurmi – Sachan is a sub caste of Kurmi caste which is mainly found in Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Baghel Kurmi

Chandel Kurmi

Kochaisa Kurmi

Patanwar Kurmi

Jaiswar Kurmi

Kanaujjiya Kurmi

Katiyar Kurmi

Umaro Kurmi

Ghamaila Kurmi

The list is going to be updated shortly. More names of Kurmi sub castes are going to be added to the list.

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  1. Please amend Umaro as Umrao Kurmi, resides mainly in Kanpur (Tehsil- Ghatampur) and in Fatehpur (Kora Jahanabad, Amauli and Bindaki area).

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